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Lubaviche Rebbe

Who We  Are

More Than Just A Synogogue

The  Lubavitcher Rebbe inspires every Jew to make an impact on the people around them, thereby transforming the world - to a better place!
 With this inspiration we are dedicated to serving the Jewish Russian Community of Woodbridge and its surroundings.
We are striving to build a warm community where every member feels at home and taken care of, while growing and striving in their personal connection to G-d and Jewish observance.

Hebrew School 


Lunch And Learn 


Holiday Programs


Educate Yourself

Torah study is the bedrock of Jewish existence and growth; in order to know what it means and how to grow as a Jew.
You don't need to leave your house to get a Torah education, its all online!

Lubavitcher Rebbe Gives Blessings

In Need of a Blessing?

There are those moments in which we wish that we can be sure about the right course of action, situations in which we are in desperate need of a blessing...

Write to the Rebbe!

partner with us

Partner with us.

Invest in the future of our Community and supply hundreds - Adults, teens and children -  with warm Jewish education, programs, and assistance with both their spiritual and physical needs.




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